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Welcome glass at the Mairie de Lille (July 15th, 7pm)

To welcome RPPW 2009, the city of Lille is offering a welcome glass to all RPPW participants. Please come to discover the warmth of the French Flandres!


How to get there?


Key-note speakers (July 16th-17th)

To celebrate achieving a round dozen RPPW since the first meeting 25
 years ago in Cambridge (UK), the Scientific Advisory Board for RPPW2009 wanted to make a small break in tradition and invite two distinguished guests working in the field of timing to give key-note talks.

We have the pleasure to annouce the following speakers:

Thursday : Key-note talk 1
Zelaznik, Howard (Purdue University, USA)        
"Kinematic and 
psychological contributions to timing performance »

Friday : Key-note talk 2
Meck, Warren (Duke University, USA)
"Pathological distortions in timing and Temporal Memory"


Closing musical presentation (July 17th, 6pm)


Classical guitarist, composer and author.

Concert / Presentation:





Extrapolated from theories by J.T. Fraser (co-founder of the International Society for the Study of Time, 1966) et al, Glise’s study addresses temporal displacements that occur in musical performance situations.  Many of these concepts are published in his university textbook, Glise, A., Classical Guitar Pedagogy - A Handbook for Teachers (Pacific [US]:  Mel Bay, 1997).


Glise’s presentation for the RPPW (Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop) “Distorted Time and Motor Control,” will consist of performance and analysis of different musical styles which encourage acuity of temporal shifts experienced by both the player and the listener. 


 It will be proposed that temporal distortions may be further heightened by various musical and compositional factors (i.e. historical, ethnic, rhythmic and harmonic) which influence our subjective, yet simultaneous, experiences of time.


The experiental side of rhythm production (July 16th from 6pm on...)

We are pleased to annouce that Massart Arnould (Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles) will be organising a « Music & Motor control experience » during the afternoon coffee breaks and/or at the end of the conférence. Through various exercises using the body, different rhythmic and motor combinations will be explored in order to investigate the experimental side of rhythm production. Rhythmic patterns combining the use of voice, hand-clapping and steps will be compared. Special attention will be given to the specific role and possibilities of each modality. Polyrhythms will be experimented  in order to probe the relationships of their different parts with motor control patterns. The experience will take place in a relaxed and creative atmosphere.
We also want to encourage all of you to bring your musical instruments in order to organise impromtu music performances at lunchtime. A small stage is available in the coffee room of the Espace Culture, where internet connections will be available through WIFI.