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Timing is a central feature of human behaviour yet very little is known about the mechanisms that encode time for the monitoring of even simple actions, like walking, object manipulation and social interactions.

How does the brain encode time
on which to base motor behaviour ?!

We now know that cognition and affects can influence time processes and one of this year’s key themes will be “Distorted Time” and its consequence on motor performance.
RPPW12 (RPPW annoucement) will offer a scientific platform with internationally renowned scientists from vast interdisciplinary domains, all specialists in the study of timing.

neuroscience, psychology,
musicology, psychiatry, computer sciences,

The Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop series has been held in Dublin, Belgium and the UK, in previous years (for a full list of the previous editions click here). In 2009, the twelfe edition of RPPW will be held in Lille, France. The three day Conference will include invited presentations organized in workshop on cutting-edge topics. Each speaker will give a 20 min presentation and focus on key issues, sometimes provocatively, to stimulate discussions. There will be also daily poster presentations. This format has proven to be successful in the last meetings and ensured a maximum of interactions.
As with past RPPW meetings, the cooperative spirit of interaction requires that the number of participants be limited 60 so adequate time may be allowed for discussion during the meeting.
Fields of interest: Neurophysiology, Biomechanics, Robotics, Clinical science, Neuroscience, Psychology, Musicology. Psychiatry.


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